Thursday, July 31, 2008


An attractive little town in the far south of Scotland. I don't know why I can only find one photo as the weather has usually been good when we've visited! The town's website is well worth a look here and (as usual!) I recommend the Undiscovered Scotland page here.

Kirkcudbright, 2002

Most people probably go there for the art galleries or sailing but we have visited primarily for the best swimming pool we have ever encountered; the warmest, cleanest and friendliest and the best facilities for the disabled. We often say, after trying out a new (and usually disappointing) pool on our travels, "If only we were in Kirkcudbright"! It really is an impossible act to follow. Click here for the pool's site.

Another place well worth a visit is the Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park, only one mile from Kirkcudbright. It does a lot to help in the conservation of threatened species and is a wonderful day out too. These two photos are from August, 2003 when we 'met' some of the friendly resident snakes.


Gerard Ward said...

Never been to Kirkcudbright,but I remember being told that for some reason it had dozens of bookshops?

Jane said...

I don't remember bookshops in Kirkcudbright, but Wigtown, also down in Galloway, is stuffed full of them - in fact, I think it's called "The Book Town". Maybe that's the place the person meant who told you about it?