Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Penicuik in Midlothian was where Aunt Joan and Uncle David lived, so we went there for holidays quite often. I don't have any photos from my last visit in 1966 unfortunately.

With Aunt Joan and my Mum, 1957

Also in 1957


1959 (I seemed to like that washing line post for some reason!)

With Granny, Aunt Joan and Bess, 1960

In a tree at Lawrie's Den near Penicuik, 1961
We went there often to walk the dog

Mum, Aunt Joan and Bess, 1961

Websites about the town and area:


Anonymous said...

Was looking for photos of Penicuik (city centre) and was intrigued by the photo titled "Jane around Scotland". What a great photo! Gave me a smile! You were (hopefully still are) a great tree climber. Wonderfully endearing photo! Thanks for sharing!

Jane said...

Thanks Deb - I haven't climbed trees for years!!! Sorry only just saw your comment just now,