Friday, September 12, 2008

Loch Garry

This is a large expanse of fresh water in Glen Garry, described as the longest and most beautiful cul-de-sac in Britain! The road follows the shores of Loch Garry and Loch Quoich for 22 miles all the way to Kinloch Hourn, at the head of Loch Hourn, a sea loch on the north-west coast. Loch Garry is known as the "Map of Scotland" as its shape at one end is roughly the shape of mainland Scotland.

Loch Garry - two of my old joined photos from a trip north in 1980!

Monday, September 1, 2008


As far as I can remember, I only visited Alloway, near Ayr, once. That was in 1980 with my aunt. I have always loved the poetry of Robert Burns and it was fascinating to see his birthplace.

Here I am with Aunt Gwen with the Burns Monument behind

I'm outside the cottage where Burns was born on the 25th January, 1759 and spent the first seven years of his life. It was built by his father, William. It is now laid out inside much as it would have been in Burns' day and it's very interesting to see.

Lots of information can be found about Alloway here