Monday, September 13, 2010


A lovely place I visited a lot as a child, usually as a stop for lunch on the way to Oban from Greenock! I don't have photos from every occasion but these are a few from the family album.

First of all, the famous castle, of course! I took this (and the two below) in May 1968

The main shopping street

Some lads cooling off in the water!

The Inveraray Bridge on Loch Fyne, August 1968

A postcard I bought in May, 1973

The guest house where we stayed on that occasion.
I wrote to the daughter, Susan, for several years until we lost touch.
I wonder where she is now?

Aunt Gwen at the Castle gift shop, June 1973

Three aunties out for the day! June 1973

More up to date: the last time I was there, in 2009
(View of the town from the other side of Loch Fyne)

The town from the harbourside

Geoffrey and the Inveraray Bridge behind

The Martime Heritage Musuem on the Arctic Penguin

Please see the Undiscovered Scotland page about Inveraray here and the Wikipedia page here for more information!