Saturday, July 5, 2008

Castle Semple Loch

I used to visit this area in Renfrewshire as a child and, later, when I was learning to drive in 1971. I don't have any photos from those days; these are from 2007 when Geoffrey and I spent some time walking along the country lanes around Castle Semple Loch, near the village of Lochwinnoch, both on the northern bank and also the southern which is part of the excellent RSPB reserve. In fact, the loch was originally called 'Loch Winnoch' but was renamed after the castle built by the Semple family.

The weather started off being very sunny and warm but was later overcast, which can be seen in the last couple of photos!

The Lochwinnoch website is very informative. Click here
...and this is the RSPB page

It's a great place for watersports (but rather them than me - I detest being in tiny boats!!)

It was very peaceful as we got further away from habitation - just bird song

Above: looking over from the RSPB Reserve to Lochwinnoch village and the Visitor Centre (on the left).


Gerard Ward said...

I wonder did you get to visit the ruined collegiate church?

For some reason its not well advertised but worth a visit.

Jane said...

No - I didn't know about it Gerry and must get there next time - could you let me know roughly where to find it? Sorry to be so long in replying; I found your comment by chance as I didn't get sent the usual notification!