Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We always stopped at the delightful village of Luss on the banks of Loch Lomond, every time we went north. It was such a peaceful place, with glorious views across the loch, the lovely sandy beach, and rows of pretty cottages. There was one small gift shop which was always fun to browse in.

Some photos I took in 1968
The gift shop, 1968

The beach near the pier

View from the bridge

The wee shop in 1972

Aunt Gwen and a friend, Miss Cameron, also from Greenock, 1972
I was driving us to Inverness and Ullapool - this was our first stop as usual

Aunt Gwen's Cortina and the view up the main street, 1972

Here I am in 1978.

Geoffrey and I visited Luss in 1996 but the gift shop had changed out of all recognition - for the worse - and was over-commercialised and tacky in the extreme. There was a gigantic car park nearby and Luss was swarming with crowds of people. It was a great disappointment to see it like that.

There's a page about Luss here


Sidney said...

I like the mix of pictures and nostalgia. Hard to believe how fast time flies.

Jane said...

Too fast unfortunately! Thanks for your comment Sidney.

Gerard Ward said...

Luss is a real tourist trap now,swamped by coaches in the summer,looking at your pics it doesn't look as though its changed that much. [apart from the big car park!]

Jane said...

Thanks Gerry - I suppose the cottages don't change and the views are the same of course, but all those people milling about do spoil it!