Sunday, July 6, 2008


We often went to Aberfeldy in beautiful Perthshire as several relatives lived there. It quickly became one of my favourite parts of Scotland and I even made plans to move there in 1974 - something which subsequently didn't happen!

Uncle Tommy in 1974. He retired to Aberfeldy from Greenock that year but very sadly wasn't to live much longer

Aunt Joan's dog, Kim, in the field behind her bungalow in Alma Road

Two of my old photos joined together: Aberfeldy, and Dun Taylor farm on the left, where my cousins lived, 1979. The delicate peak of Schiehallion can just be seen left of centre on the horizon.

My Cortina on the Glen Quaich road - a spectacular drive

A walk from Weem village to Loch Glassie, 1979 (no mean feat, for me anyway!) Above is part of the map I took with me that day, showing the relative postions of Weem, Loch Glassie and Farragon

Farragon across the (just visible!) Loch Glassie (Another two photos stuck together!)

The Falls of (nearby) Acharn, 1979

Here I am above in Aberfeldy in 1990 and with Aunt Gwen below, outside her residential home

There are many good websites about Aberfeldy. Here is the Undiscovered Scotland link which is one of the best, I think.

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