Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dumfries 1

We went to Dumfries in southern Scotland several times for work but managed to make some time to look around the town and vicinity each time! We like the area very much and would like to explore more thoroughly when time permits. The photos below were taken in 2002.

There are some excellent walks alongside the River Nith

Robert Burns spent the last years of his life in Dumfries (he died in 1796) and there's much to see around the town in commemoration of the great poet. The pub above was one of Burns' favourite places to drink. Here is the Official Robert Burns site. "The Banks of Nith" was written soon after he moved to the town. In a letter, he wrote, "The following is the first Compliment I have paid the Nith."

The Banks Of Nith
Robert Burns, 1789

The Thames flows proudly to the sea,
Where royal cities stately stand;
But sweeter flows the Nith to me,
Where Comyns ance had high command.
When shall I see that honour'd land,
That winding stream I love so dear!
Must wayward Fortune's adverse hand
For ever, ever keep me here!

How lovely, Nith, thy fruitful vales,
Where bounding hawthorns gaily bloom;
And sweetly spread thy sloping dales,
Where lambkins wanton through the broom.
Tho' wandering now must be my doom,
Far from thy bonie banks and braes,
May there my latest hours consume,
Amang the friends of early days!


Gerard Ward said...

Thats a great atmospheric picture,I've never heard of these hills before,the view is superb.

Jane said...

Many thanks Gerry!