Thursday, August 14, 2008


In 1996 my cousins took us to see this fascinating prehistoric burial site, on the summit of Cairnpapple Hill in the Bathgate Hills, West Lothian (not far from Edinburgh). Cairnpapple was used from about 3,000 BC to 1400 BC firstly as a ceremonial site then several centuries later as a burial site. There are stunning views from here over central Scotland, and even as far as Goat Fell on Arran on a clear day!

There's a very interesting website about it here and the Undiscovered Scotland webpage here (the two best sites which I have come across).


1st Lady said...

Great burial site, isnt it! I was there just back in July. Must have taken about 40 photos and we hid for a while in the cairn from a heavy rainstorm.

Jane said...

Yes, it's an amazing place! You were lucky to be able to take shelter inside the cairn like that as the hill is so exposed!

Bolasinema said...

Very beautiful Scotland. I don't know when will I come there.
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Jane said...

Many thanks Bolasinema - sorry I don't know any football fans to suggest, good luck anyway.