Friday, June 3, 2011

Mull of Kintyre

It was really amazing to be in Kintyre at last two weeks ago, especially as far down as the famous Mull! We explored Campbeltown, then onto Carskey Bay, followed by the drive down the several miles long precarious minor road to see the lighthouse.

Beautiful and remote Carskey Bay

I was excited to see this seal on a rock though I couldn't get very close to take better photos. Whenever I tried he looked very wary and seemed ready to get back into the water! So I stayed a fair distance away on the beach and just took a few snaps.

The road we followed

Geoffrey opening a gate for our car along the way!

The road down to the lighthouse is very dangerous so we parked at the top of the 1100ft cliff and walked down the hair-pin bends towards the bottom. However, it was very steep and much further than we'd expected. In the end, after this one photo below, we turned back. It was exhausting climbing back up the steep slopes! However, what a great experience to have been in that wonderfully remote area!

Click here for a great link (with maps) about Kintyre and the Mull

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