Sunday, June 12, 2011

Loch Gilp

Loch Gilp lies between two headlands, north west of Loch Fyne in Argyll. The town of Lochgilphead lies on the northern shore and the village of Ardrishaig on the west (where the Crinan Canal begins its route north to Crinan - lock number one opens up here).

We had some lovely walks around this wonderful area recently!

Views from a rainy Lochgilphead...

...and from further down the loch looking back at the town:
Some views of Loch Gilp from Ardrishaig:

Lock #1 of the famous Crinan Canal:
The Timberlink service operation below - Ardrishaig is one of four ports
where the timber is transported by boat to Troon for processing, thereby removing
8000 lorry journeys each year from the roads - so much better for the environment!

The lighthouse at Ardrishaig at the 'entrance' to Loch Fyne:
We walked to the end but it wasn't really possible to go round the lighthouse
as the walkway there became extremely narrow
Click here for a map showing the position of Loch Gilp on a map


Adullamite said...

Rain and wind and anchors on walls! Great stuff!

Jane said...

Thanks Adullamite!

Melinda Bogert said...

What a beautiful place. Two lochs? So quaint. I just love the Scottish names. Nobody in the world has names like "gilp" and "Ardrishaig"!! I can almost imagine a Scot's tongue describing the views in their brogue!! Your photos were excellent. Please send me an email with your comments, as I almost never check back to see comments you may have made on what I said. (I never comment on my blog's comments right on the blog!)