Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oban - More recent photos

More of my photos of Oban and McCaig's Tower in particular

The harbour and McCaig's Tower on the hill above the town

A hooded crow - you can also see him in the video below

Below: Photos from inside the tower

There are many beautiful shrubs and flowering plants which grow there

A toadstool lying in the grass just outside near the car park

Below, some views from the tower looking across the harbour and towards the islands of Mull and Kerrera

Would have been nice to have had a blue sky but you can't have everything!

There are some good websites about Oban here and here

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We have visited this Ayrshire town twice or three times over the past couple of years (and the adjoining Eglinton Country Park as well although the rain on that occasion meant we didn't stay long!)

Kilwinning is particularly known for having the original Lodge of the Freemasons, seen below.

Kilwinning is known as the 'Crossroads of Ayrshire' and it's a great place to travel from as you can get everywhere easily by train!

Above, the station building

This is a wonderful old ruin, all that's left of the abbey since most of it was pulled down in 1562. A church is thought to have stood on this site as early as 1157, but the major part of the building was created in the 13th century. What remains today is still very impressive. The abbey is on a rise overlooking the River Garnock in the centre of the town, immediately off the pedestrianised shopping street - and free to visit too!

The Wikipedia website has all the history of the abbey here and you can find out much more about the town here


Kilmarnock is in East Ayrshire and we have often stayed there on the way further north to break the journey. However, it's an interesting town in its own right and well worth a visit.

The Masonic Halls in London Road

One of the many new and interesting sculptures in the main shopping street

A great music shop!
Website here
The entrance to the Burns Shopping Mall
Website here

Aulds - a great place for a delicious snack, nice coffee and good service (in all the branches we've visited including this one)!

My favourite place in Kilmarnock is The Dick Institute - a combined library, art gallery and museum - though I've never had long enough to browse inside! There is always so much to see including many touring exhibitions and is well worth a visit. The staff are always helpful and friendly too, which makes such a difference.

Below, just a very few of my photos taken inside

There's some general information about the Dick Institute here and more about Kilmarnock here

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pitlochry - two old cards

Two old postcards in my collection which I just scanned (a couple of tests for the new scanner!) Although I visited Pitlochry many times, especially when I used to stay with my aunt in Aberfeldy, I don't have any photos of my own.

The Port-na-Craig Ferry - established as far back as the 12th Century by the monks of Coupar Angus, it operated until 1913 when the new suspension bridge opened

Nearby, the beautiful Glen Garry

More about Pitlochry and the surrounding area here