Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oban - More recent photos

More of my photos of Oban and McCaig's Tower in particular

The harbour and McCaig's Tower on the hill above the town

A hooded crow - you can also see him in the video below

Below: Photos from inside the tower

There are many beautiful shrubs and flowering plants which grow there

A toadstool lying in the grass just outside near the car park

Below, some views from the tower looking across the harbour and towards the islands of Mull and Kerrera

Would have been nice to have had a blue sky but you can't have everything!

There are some good websites about Oban here and here


Donald Swarbrick said...

A great bunch of photos. Oban is a place I have visited many times, both when I was at the fishing, and as a landlubber.
You have captured the atmosphere well creating a true picture of the real town, which makes me want to visit again.

Jane said...

Thanks Donald!

Adullamite said...

Super pictures!
There is a danger someone might pinch the one of the crow mind.....

Jane said...

Thanks Adullamite! That's a chance I'll have to take ;-)

Shirley said...

Oh, so beautiful. *Sigh* I just know if I ever make it to Scotland I would never want to leave.

Jane said...

Thank you so much Shirley - I feel exactly the same!

Melinda Bogert said...

Just gorgeous photos. What about that structure on the hill? I'd love to hear more about it. Wish I were there to do this tour there with you!

Jane said...

So glad you like them!! The structure is called McCaig's Folly:'s_Tower