Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Kilmarnock is in East Ayrshire and we have often stayed there on the way further north to break the journey. However, it's an interesting town in its own right and well worth a visit.

The Masonic Halls in London Road

One of the many new and interesting sculptures in the main shopping street

A great music shop!
Website here
The entrance to the Burns Shopping Mall
Website here

Aulds - a great place for a delicious snack, nice coffee and good service (in all the branches we've visited including this one)!

My favourite place in Kilmarnock is The Dick Institute - a combined library, art gallery and museum - though I've never had long enough to browse inside! There is always so much to see including many touring exhibitions and is well worth a visit. The staff are always helpful and friendly too, which makes such a difference.

Below, just a very few of my photos taken inside

There's some general information about the Dick Institute here and more about Kilmarnock here


Anonymous said...

Jane,have you visited Dean Park castle in Kilmarnock?

Its a fantastically restored keep,highly recommend it.


Jane said...

Hi Gerry,

I only just saw your comment - I haven't been getting notifications about comments on this blog. Sorry to be so slow!

I haven't been to Dean Castle but will add it to the list of places to visit, thanks!