Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stranraer: Castle of St John

I don't know how I've missed this castle before on my visits to the town over the past few years because it's literally in the town centre!! Two days ago, my husband Geoffrey and I discovered it and decided to climb to the top up the steep winding stone staircases (it's free entry).


The castle was built around 1500 and, over the centuries, it has been used as a home, a prison, a court, and a military garrison.

A 'prisoner' looking forlornly out through the door of his cell! 

There are wonderful views from the top and an interesting 'soundscape', definitely well worth the climb. On the way down we went into most of the 'rooms' which are through doorways on either side of the stairs, on different levels. Inside one there was an interesting audio-visual presentation and a scale model of the castle behind glass. There is an activity room for families and children too. 
A model of the castle inside a glass case
Bell tower at the top
Geoffrey and some of the views of the town and surrounding area
The recently developed Castle Square
A must when you are in Stranraer - it's really fascinating!


David J said...

What a lovely piece. It certainly looks as though you had a nicer day than my last visit to Stranraer in 1984 - I remember it as grey and drizzly. I too overlooked the castle!

I'm up to bonnie Scotland tomorrow - meeting in Glasgow - but alas will have no time for leisure!

Jane said...

Thanks David, Hope your trip goes well - shame you don't have more time for other things! I remember the frustration of that when I had to travel for work some years ago.
Hope you're both well,
Best wishes, Jane

David J said...

Thank you, Jane.

Back from Glasgow now. Virgin West Coast were spot on time each way, but I saw very little of Glasgow as it was a round of meetings and a dinner, more meetings, then home!

Another visit to Scotland is needed, methinks! In the meantime I shall armchair travel via your blog!

Jane said...

Thanks David!