Monday, September 12, 2011

Crinan Lighthouse

This attractive small, hexagonal, lighthouse, built in 1851, is located at the westernmost lock of the canal in Crinan. It’s 6 metres high and the llight is 8 metres above sea level. The light flashes every 3 seconds and is white or green depending on the direction.
There’s a ladder attached to the outside wall and a door but no admission to the general public. Apparently the interior is used as a storeroom by British Waterways.
We visited Crinan several times in May when we were staying in the area. I enjoyed sitting on the seat beside the lighthouse to look out at the beautiful views across the Sound of Jura to the islands on the horizon – really a wonderful place to visit!

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Melinda Bogert said...

What an interesting, stout, short lighthouse!!! I happen to LOVE lighthouses. We saw a few in Oregon in 2010. I should write LESS and post more photos about the places we've traveled, but I did NOT get the great info you provide of all you take photos of.... regrets over that now. LOVE your blogs, Jane!!